Subway Surfers Game Online Play

For lovers of extreme rides, in which you need to constantly keep your ears sharp. A crazy race in which you will play as a bad boy named Jake. He is a very stubborn fellow, which is why he tries with all his might to escape from the policeman and his dog. The hoverboard is a different story in Subway Surfers. The steeper you pump your board, the more chances you will not meet with the law enforcement officer.

Rules and useful tips

Control the main character with arrows. Move Jake right or left or help him jump to overcome obstacles on his way. With the down button, you can roll and slide under an obstacle. Your main task is not to crash into one of the walls or blocks that have arisen along the road. Use a variety of boosters to fly up or catch doubling coins.

Coins are useful for customizing your character or improving your board. You can go to the store after completing the level and choose something to your liking. Play with maximum concentration so as not to miss the opportunity to tickle the nerves of the evil policeman. The game features personal daily tasks for which you can get the key to the treasure chest.

Where are the races taking place?

The developers of the game have done their best, each time adding more and more new locations. You will be able to enjoy the views of the metropolis, in which you will be accompanied by high skyscrapers. You can also enjoy nature when you are in the jungle. Runners can now enjoy a world tour, visit many cities of our planet.

You will visit a wide variety of festivals and holidays, which will be accompanied by dances and songs. Now your train will go even further to quench the thirst of the most avid gamer. While you are playing and enjoying India or France, America or Nepal, the policeman is still following you around. Be vigilant and don’t lose your knack.

Separate art form

Do not forget that the main character is a graffiti lover. It is for this case that a police officer finds him, and the only way to avoid punishment is to run away from the executor of the law. Three lanes of movement along the railway tracks, each of which you need to keep track of. Multi-colored carts that you can jump on if you have a trampoline or booster. Flying over the train station or subway, which will be even more fun to play. Tunnels and fences.

In the upper right corner, you can track your progress and scores. Want to beat your own record? The game can start an infinite number of times until you reach the top. Collect as many coins as possible to upgrade your board, which will help you move faster and hide from your pursuer. Your speed level is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

Use the boosters bought in the store or found in the treasure chest. With every second, the speed of the main character will increase and keep track of all the obstacles will be more and more difficult. Flickering city views. Crazy speed. Mass of impressions. Adrenaline and new emotions. All this fits into one endless run. Take risks and try to get to the top of the standings and declare yourself as the fastest racer.